• The first feeder was created as a Christmas present for the coaches at Sportcentrum Kuklenska, when one of them sighed that he would like to have “something” to hold shuttlecocks.
  • The prototype (as the 1st generation) was made at home on the knee from a shaky tire holder, iron weldments and bicycle bottle holders.
  • However, even such a feeder aroused interest, and so others began to be produced, in higher quality and with many improvements, which were so fundamental that they created the 2nd generation.


  • Our vision is to offer badminton clubs and coaches modern accessories enabling longer and more difficult trainings. Badminton is done by players, but players are done by coaches.
  • Coaches with functional equipments can give their mentees higher training loads and devote themselves fully to combinations and explanations.
  • We are currently producing the 3rd generation of feeders, which offer a lot of interesting and useful functions. This year we are starting 4th generation production with many convenient accessories.